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Covid-19 and the Illuminate

by on Aug.22, 2020, under World Health Issues

The origins of the Illuminate dates back to the first ecumenical council- The First Counsil of Nicaea when the bible was being compiled in AD 325. At this time their influence in the book of Revelations was prominent and it was formally added as scripture to the canons of the doctrine. This book as we know predicted the gradual downfall of humanity into a world of wars, chaos and sickness.

The expansion of the illuminate and their world wide organizations and influencers continued to grow since then to influence and partially fund major disruptive organizations and events on the planet including the crusades, the annihilation of the Knights Templars, World War 1 and II, Hitler’s regime the formation of the UN just to mention a few. We are currently witnessing their final efforts as they dictated in Bible’s book of Revelations… what they called “The Last Days”.

The Illuminate’s influence in politics around the world but especially here in North America is finally being exposed as their hidden agendas within the Democratic party of the US, the Liberal government in Canada and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) surfaces. Also it should be noted that their influence and memberships within the organizations and people like the CDC, WHO, the CCP’s Wuhan Lab and even billionaires like Bill gates and Anthony Faucci should not be slighted because these are the recent, desperate direct major attempts to bring about destruction to humanity via this Covid 19 virus.

This is not intended to be a political post but I must give thanks to world leaders like Trump and the many doctors and politicians and learned men and women around the globe who continually try to thwart their destructive plans.

The following video give a bit more detail of the dealings of the Illuminate in modern times….

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