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Was Covid-19 sent by God or Man

by on May.10, 2020, under Pandemics, World Health Issues

We are told that Covid-19 was realeased accidentally from a virology lab in Wuhan China and that the virus was a result of scientists carrying out research to try to understand the virus strain. Apparently Covid-19 is just one of hundreds of coronavirus which circulate in animals. Two previous corona viruses included SARS and MERS which also originate in China.

The question remains as to why these deadly viruses always emerge from China and why the Chinese government cannot do anything about stopping them from “jumping” species? What we need to understand is that these viruses do not naturally occur in humans and can only get into us via ingestion of infected animals. So why has the Chinese government not done anything to protect it’s people at the source?

The main source for the spread of the viruses into the Chinese population has been identified as the Chinese “wet markets” where all species of animals are slaughtered and sold for meat. Why has China not closed these markets ?

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